Just Like Trump American Titan Is Now Facing 3rd Indictment From Biden Admin

He paved the way for a new industry, bailed out NASA, is changing internet delivery, and may have saved free speech. Of course, free speech is why the Biden administration has launched its third indictment against him.

Who besides President Trump, you ask?

Elon Musk.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is now the third federal government case being lodged against an Elon Musk company .

From USA Today:

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Oakland Thursday, Black employees at Tesla’s Fremont, California facility were routinely subjected to graffiti, swastikas, threats such as “‘kill black people,” and nooses on desks and other equipment, in bathroom stalls, in elevators and on new vehicles on the production line since 2015, the EEOC alleged.

On August 24, 2023, it was announced that the DOJ was filing a lawsuit against Musk’s SpaceX company for discriminating against asylees and refugees in his hiring process. Musk is also under investigation over a secret glass house project which is part of a criminal probe exploring Tesla.

From the New York Post:

The Justice Department has reportedly expanded an investigation into Tesla CEO Elon Musk to determine whether the company failed to disclose personal benefits that were extended to him, including purported plans to use company funds to build the billionaire a custom-made glass house.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have broadened the criminal probe to see whether charges could be brought against Musk or Tesla for perks that the world’s richest man may have obtained since 2017, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Last month, The Journal reported that prosecutors from the Southern District of New York were looking into a secret project that Tesla insiders described as a home for Musk near Tesla’s Austin, Texas-area plant and headquarters.

Musk has refuted the claim.

Why all the heat? Musk took away the Democrat’s most precious toy. Twitter (aka X) and he allowed those censored by the leftists back on the platform. He took their main propaganda tool away from him and now they want payback.



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