Karma Comes For Disney After They Just Got The Worst News Possible

Over the past decade woke liberals have infected Disney – once a proud American brand – turning into activist central.

Even though the media giant doesn’t want to admit it, they have taken a hit.

A study released by the betting website Time2play found that 68.3% of “Disney World enthusiasts” say the parks have “lost its magic.”

By the way, political affiliation was not even taken into account meaning this is a bipartisan audience.

The report found that 92.6% of “Disney World enthusiasts” said a trip to Disney is out of reach for average families.

From Time2play:

When surveyed, 92.6% of our Disney World enthusiasts said they believe the cost of a Disney vacation is now out of reach for average families. Among our respondents, 48.3% report postponing a trip to Disney World in recent years due to price increases. Those who are still planning to go said they expect their next trip to cost 35.7% more on average than their previous visit.

When the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 the price for a single day at the park was $3.50. Adjusted for Bidenflation the same price now would be $25.60 however, a single-day ticket now costs $109-$159 per day.

Time2play reported that Magic Kingdom regulars are sick and tired of being nickle and dimed:

Even if a family is able to save up for admission tickets, food, and lodging, they’re still not entitled to everything the parks have to offer. In 2021, Disney World ditched its Fast Pass system after more than 20 years in favor of the new Genie service, and its paid companion service Genie+. This change has been poorly received by most park loyalists, including those we surveyed. In fact, 66.9% report feeling they won’t get the full Disney World experience if they don’t upgrade to Genie+ and purchase additional Lightning Lane entries. But the disillusionment doesn’t stop there, 68.3% said rampant price increases and nickel and diming have made it feel like Disney World has lost its magic.

Additionally, Disney ended their shuttle service to and from the airport, charges guests who stay at the resort with a vehicle a daily parking fee, and canceled their discount meal plan program. In comparison, a family of four could book a trip (including airfare) to an all-inclusive Caribbean resort (meals, shuttle, and services like snorkeling) for a little over $5,000.

Karma is coming for Disney.



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