Kirk Cameron Beats Wacko Leftists At Their Own Game & They Are Fuming

Kirk Cameron is a beloved actor and writer, best known for his role in the hit sitcom “Growing Pains.” He is set to appear at two public libraries next week, where he will hold story-hour programs connected to his new children’s book. The book is part of a series celebrating biblical values such as kindness, joy, and patience and is part of a monthly subscription books service for families and children.

Despite some initial pushback from local activists, it appears the story-hour programs will still go on at both public libraries. The libraries hosted “drag queen story hours” in June, and the promotional notes for those events are still posted on their websites.

In response to Cameron’s inquiry, two local residents wrote a joint letter to the editor, which was published on Scarsdale’s largest community website. In the letter, the couple wrote that their child identifies as LGBTQ+ and is “moving along the gender spectrum.” They went on to describe Cameron as “an anti-LGBTQ+ actor-writer” and said their “initial reaction” to discovering he would appear at their library “was to organize a peaceful gathering” against him. However, they now believe that “the right response to this event is — nothing.”

Cameron has said that all he wanted was the chance to present a reading connected to his new book, just as public libraries have opened their doors and their rooms to a diverse array of other groups and programs. He believes it is wrong to “censor” a voice just because it “doesn’t agree with the worldview of the people in the majority.”

We are so glad that Kirk Cameron can hold his story-hour programs at the public libraries next week, despite some initial pushback from local activists.

What happened to Cameron is a clear case of discrimination.

However, Cameron was able to get into the library, and below was the turnout.

Heaven forbid you don’t make a cake for a wacko leftist, they’ll take you to court. But they have no problem censoring your beliefs in a public place.

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