KJP Reacts Badly When Caught In a Bold Lie – Watch

President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was caught in a lie on Monday when she claimed that illegal immigration had come down by 90% since Biden took office.

Jean-Pierre made the claim during a press briefing, saying that “we’ve seen a 90% decrease in illegal immigration since President Biden took office.”

However, the facts show that Jean-Pierre’s claim is false. In fact, illegal immigration has increased significantly since Biden took office.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the number of illegal immigrants apprehended at the southern border has increased by 171% since Biden took office. In February 2023, CBP apprehended 221,303 illegal immigrants at the southern border. This is the highest number of illegal immigrants apprehended in a single month since 2000.

These statistics do not include the tens of thousands of monthly got-aways. Well over 1.2 million known ‘got-aways’ have entered the US illegally since Biden took office, plus an unknowable number of got-aways who snuck in entirely undetected. But as you can see from the numbers, illegal immigration is not down by anywhere close to 90 percent. Indeed, illegal immigration is significantly up this year, compared to last year — and last year was an unmitigated, historic disaster.

Jean-Pierre’s lie about illegal immigration is just the latest example of the Biden administration’s dishonesty. The administration has repeatedly made false claims about the state of the country, including the economy, crime, and inflation.

The Biden administration’s dishonesty is a clear sign that they are not interested in telling the truth to the American people. They are more interested in pushing their own agenda, even if it means lying to the public.

The American people deserve better than this. They deserve a president and a press secretary who are honest and who will tell them the truth, even if it is not what they want to hear.

Take a look at how social media dealt with KJP’s lie:



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