NFL Running Backs Wife Hits Back AT Culture War, ‘Men Are So Amazing’

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kristen Louelle Gaffney is being very outspoken about her beliefs and says, “men are so amazing.”

“We keep pushing men down and men are so amazing,” she said during a podcast appearance called Outkick The Morning. “They literally built this country. The buildings, the electricity … those are 98% jobs by men.”

“So, why are we pushing these men down? We can still thrive. We can still be amazing and have amazing opportunity, but we don’t need to bring other groups of people down at the same time.”

“We are women. They are men. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and we should embrace that and support that,” Gaffney, who is married to former NFL running back Tyler Gaffney, opined.

“My husband is a feminist’s worst nightmare, but to me, it’s the most attractive thing in the world. But guess what? If, God forbid, something happens, whom am I calling?” she openly wondered. “I’m calling a man to protect me.”

Gaffney has been trolling the left lately.

She recently attended the Maxim Super Bowl Party with a very sparkly purse with the word “MAGA” on it.

“Trump embraces the American dream, he protects our children, and he puts our country first,” she said.

“We should stop questioning the man who wants to Make America Great Again, and start questioning those who are challenging the concept of putting our country and our people first.”

“I knew there would be lots of press this weekend, so I wanted to make a statement,” said Louelle Gaffney. “It may sound silly, but I feel God has put this on my heart to use my platform to encourage others to use their voice to stand for what’s important.”

“Funny enough, I got an enormous amount of support,” she said of the other party-goers during Super Bowl LVIII weekend. “People absolutely loved this purse. Guys gave me high-fives, girls gave me praise.”


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