Lawyers In Tucker Lawsuit Forced To Admit A Very Inconvenient Truth

Abby Grossberg is a former Tucker Carlson producer who is suing Fox News for allegedly forcing her to give false testimony in the Dominion case.

The failed producer was fired in March of 2023, and she believed that Tucker Carlson was behind it. She also claims that she is in possession of 90 recordings and wants “an apology” from Fox News because they didn’t give one in the Dominion lawsuit.

She claims that Tucker and his top producer made her life a “living hell” because she saw demeaning pictures of Nancy Pelosi.

First, this has all the makings of the fake witness the Democrats brought up against Kavanaugh. Second, it’s pretty clear the type of people that Fox News hires.

But there is one big key detail Grossberg and the media have left out. She never met Tucker or his producer Justin Wells.

Lawyers for Grossberg have confirmed she never met Tucker.

From The Spectator:

Lawyers for Abby Grossberg confirmed to The Spectator that the former Fox News producer never actually met Tucker Carlson in person while working on his show.

“Like many on the [Tucker Carlson Tonight] staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” Kimberly A. Catala, one of the attorneys representing Grossberg, said.

So here’s their excuse…

“Since Tucker did not come to the Fox office, he relied on Justin Wells, his executive producer, and others like Alexander McCaskill, senior producer, who were present in the office every day to be his eyes, ears and mouthpiece, and to convey his ‘tone,’ as they threateningly reminded Ms. Grossberg,” Catala said.

Gathering from what information we have it, if Grossberg’s allegations are true, her beef is with those that worked at HQ. It sounds like Tucker is being lumped in because he who they wanted off the air.

What’s crazy is that it worked and the way Tucker’s contract works, he can’t start something new until after 2024.

Are you getting some crazy Christine Blasey Ford vibes? Or is it just me?


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