TV Star Social Justice Warrior Rocked Finding Out Who His Ancestor Was

Actor LeVar Burton, most famous for his show “Reading Rainbow” and for his role in Star Trek has just made a shocking discovery.

The 66-year-old star has learned some shocking things about his family tree.

During an episode on the PBS series “Finding Your Roots,” the star said that there wasn’t a lot of information about his family tree and that he was estranged from his dad. Burton also said that his mother, Erma Gene Christian wasn’t very forthcoming about the family history.

“You grow up with just blanks, right? No information, no clue and no real way to overcome that blind spot,” Burton said of his family history, per the Los Angeles Times. “This information is stuff that we need in order to feel whole.”

Well it turns out that his great-great-grandfather was a Southern white farmer named James Henry Dixon, who at 17 was a member of the Confederate army.

Dixon did have a wife and family at the time of Burton’s relatives’ birth.

“And she was the other family on the other side,” Burton said in shock.

The actor is in shock but he’s not angry and even joked about it.
When PBS host Henry Louis Gates broke the news to Burton he did not speculate.

“I often wonder about white men of the period and how they justify to themselves their relations with black women, especially those in an unbalanced power dynamic. There has to be a powerful disconnect created emotionally and mentally,” Burton said while processing the news.

“So it’s possible in my mind that he could’ve contemplated it and was conflicted at worst, maybe repentant at best. And then there’s the possibility that he didn’t think about it at all,” he continued.

“Right and we’ll never know. They could’ve been in love, it could’ve been something terrible. We don’t know,” Gates replied.

“There’s some conflict roiling inside of me right now, but also oddly enough I feel a pathway opening up … In this now moment, I believe that as Americans, we need to have this conversation about who we are and how we got here. But yet I see that we are so polarized politically and racially,” he said.

Gates agreed and says, “Right, we’re not talking to each other.”

“And so I’ve been looking for an entry point to talk to white America,” Burton explained.

“Well that door just opened,” Gates replied.



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