Leak At Fox News Exposes Murdoch & What’s Really Going On Says Report

Fox News insiders recently gave interviews with Breitbart News, and what they said confirms a lot of the rumors the conservative base believed were going on.

Breitbart noted that many insiders demanded they be kept anonymous because they feared reprisal from the cable news network and the Murdochs.

What Breitbart discovered was after Roger Ailes departure, the Murdochs allowed the talent to do what they wanted. It was described as a “Wild West-like environment.”

“In [Carlson’s] hour he did whatever he wanted to do in that hour,” one network insider reported. “That made it unique and made it poignant television because you didn’t know what topic would be discussed and how it would be discussed.”

However, after the Dominion settlement and the others that are following the Murdochs were shook. Sources inside the network said that the Murdochs got rid of Bongino and Carlson to send a message to the rest of the network that no one is safe.

“It’s like when in your first day in prison you find the biggest, baddest, meanest dude in the yard and beat the living s**t out of him,” another network insider told Breitbart News. “From that day forward, everyone knows not to f**k with you. That’s what the Murdochs just did by getting rid of Tucker and Dan—anyone who would have challenged their vision for the direction of this company has learned that if you fuck around you will find out something not so good for yourself.”

Insiders believe that Fox News will be “dumbed down.”

“This change at Fox makes it more fundamentally top-down driven,” an insider added. “Only recently did Fox try and reflect grassroots conservatism more. I think we’re going to see a reversion to the Fox of the past, where it’s fewer segments attacking Mitch McConnell and generally dumbed down.”

What’s most interesting is that Fox News is planning on keep Tucker silent through the 2024 election and are taking their audience for granted.

“As of right now, the plan remains the same: pay out Carlson’s contract and keep him on the sidelines through the 2024 elections,” one source close to Fox News senior executives told Breitbart News. “They knew they would take a beating for this, but everyone — and I mean everyone — is pretty rattled. They weren’t expecting the blowback to be this bad. Hate to say it, but it’s clear that Rupert has lost a step or two.”

A fourth insider added that, “The election is coming up next year, and they think they’re going to get their viewers back anyway because there’s nowhere else to go.”

After the 2020 election, many viewers boycotted Fox News but many returned and their ratings proved it. However, much like Bud Light, this may be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We just hit a couple of the highlights, you can click here to read the entire in-depth report. 


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