Leftists Fume Over Comedy Special

The left is raging again, and it’s all because of a comedy special on Netflix.

Leftist journalists, professors, and woke comedians (if there is such a thing) were fuming at Chris Rock and his new Netflix special.

Nobody was off limits.

Rock joked about Meghan Markle, hammered actress Jada Pinkett Smith, and mocked her hubby Will.

Thought leaders and leftist influencers commented that Rock deserved to be attacked.

From Fox News:

Rock’s special angered thought leaders and influencers on the left, who called it “shocking,” with some even arguing that he deserved to be slapped live on air in front of millions of people.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya, who identifies as an “[a]ntiracist” and “feminist” on her official Twitter profile, said that Rock deserved to be assaulted. “Netflix keeps screwing over subscribers. They cancel hit shows people actually wanna watch and give Chris Rock millions of dollars to prove Will Smith was right to slap him.”

“You have good takes, this isn’t one of them,” one Twitter user told Anya.

“You have people who care what you think. I am not one of them,” the professor shot back.

NBC reporter Ben Collins said that he couldn’t force himself to watch the special, an edited version of Rock’s show in Baltimore. “Got 14 minutes into the Chris Rock special before my subconscious took over, said ‘okay that’s enough’ out loud and turned my whole TV off. Pure animal instinct defending against hearing the same joke for the 8,000th time. My soul was dying and took control of my physical self.”


These leftists don’t have a funny bone in their body.


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