Lib Bride Gets What’s Coming To Her After What She Did To Conservative Family Member

A mother has drawn backlash after asking advice columnist Amy Dickinson if she was right to ask her conservative brother for money after he was not invited to her liberal daughter‘s wedding.

The mother had written to Dickinson that her daughter, who isvery politically progressive,” had asked her not to invite her uncle, who is a conservative voter, startingfour months before the wedding. The mother explained that she had sent her brother a note telling him he wouldn‘t be invited, but said he had not responded and had not been present at the wedding.

The mother then said that her daughter was expecting to receive a wedding check from her uncle, as he usually did for family members. But her husband had told her to drop the issue, leaving the mother wondering what to do.

In response, Dickinson was appalled by what the mother had done, calling itshocking improper conduct,” and scolded her for appearing to bealmost as afraid of [her] daughter as she is of [her] brother.” She said that so far, the mother‘s uncle was the only family member behaving appropriately,by steering clear.”

The response has fired up social media users, with one user tweeting,Yup. That‘s a progressive generation for you. By the way, they want you to pay off their loans too.”

Pay attention that this is who progressives are, they want to ban you from being in their space but still expect you to pony up.

This comment seemed to indicate many people‘s frustration with what has been a recurring discussion as differences between generations of people become more noticeable. A survey conducted in 2019 showed that nearly half of Millennials and Gen Xers felt entitled to certain benefits from their boomers parents or relatives, in contrast with the belief of 26% of boomers. Reasons for expected benefits includedfinancial help with necessities and evenhelp building or repairing one‘s credit.”

Whether the mother‘s daughter was simply in the minority or not, many saw her request for money as an unreasonable one. After all, the mother had deliberately excluded her brother from the wedding, and many felt that this should not have been followed up by demanding a gift.

While it is understandable that the mother might feel embarrassed, it‘s likely that the issue of money ended up compounding and magnifying her embarrassment. It‘s clear that the request for money has to be dropped at this point, but time will tell how the mother and her daughter will move forward with their relationship.


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