Watch: The Left Is Losing Their Minds Over Trump As Reality About Biden Sinks In

If you don’t think liberalism is a mental illness, just watch the clips below. Left-wing media personalities are already losing their minds over the prospect that Trump might win the 2024 election.

They are actually, freaking out about something that hasn’t even happened yet and is months away.

As Biden’s rock-bottom approval numbers and polling come in from swing states, Democrats appear to be working themselves into a frenzy.

Currently, polls show (if you believe them) that former President Donald Trump is in five of the six swing states, and his lead is increasing.

One of the things that has them upset is that Trump had a very low ceiling. Meaning, that Trump’s polling was capped and that getting new voters was difficult.

Well, all it took was three years of Biden taking a bulldozer to the economy and the left furious about his support for Israel, and now the Trump ceiling has been raised.

That is what the left is worried about.

The Michigan GOP is a mess and CNN recently admitted he’s up in Michigan now because the Muslim population is upset with Biden.

Now, when it comes to polls, we follow the Rush Limbaugh model, especially when they are so far out. Polls are not meant to show data they are designed to create news.

The internal polling must be terrible for the left to be as worked up as they are.

How worked up are they? Below is a supercut from Grabian news head Tom Elliott.

I have to admit I watched the video below and just started laughing. I couldn’t imagine living my life like this.

My goodness, they are a mess, and they are going to get worse.


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