Steven Crowder Feud Causes Firestorm In Conservative Media

There’s a huge controversy in conservative media between Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro’s “The Daily Wire.”

“Big Tech is in bed with Big Con,” Steven Crowder said in a video first addressing the situation. Without naming the company, Crowder complained that a $50 million four-year deal was a “slave contract.”

Crowder had also announced that he left Glenn Beck’s, The Blaze as well.

To be as fair to both sides as possible below is the transcript of the monologue from Crowder. We’ll also place the FULL video below:

CROWDER: So if you’ve watched for the last decade, you know that I’ve always made it clear that we here at Mug Club are in the business of serving you, the viewer – you watching, listening right now.

‘ve also made it clear that I wouldn’t be in the business of attacking other conservatives – regardless of disagreements or personal issues. And I’ve always explained my logic was relatively simple. I believe that the world was better with more voices out there rather than less, regardless of minute differences, considering the magnitude of the battle that we are genuinely fighting for our country right now.

But for the first time, I have to say that I believe many of those in charge in the right-leaning media are actually at odds with what’s best for you,-he viewer, the customer, and, more importantly, the country.

We here at Mug Club, we thought that we were all in this together, that we were fighting the media-entertainment industrial complex. We thought that we were all genuinely taking it to Big Tech. But, too many of those in charge of the big conservative platforms are verifiably in bed with them. Big Tech is in bed with Big Con. The people you thought, the people I thought were fighting for you, a lot of it has been a big con.

Now I’m specifically avoiding naming names or going after individuals in this video because I genuinely hope that those I’m addressing and you know who you are, have a change of heart. It’s it’s never too late to do the right thing, guys. This is a genuine plea, we can all do better. We can all do better. It doesn’t have to be this way. And please, don’t make me have to provide receipts.

To the others out there who have now been able to verify have been locked into exploitative contracts that I have the luxury of not having to sign, which is why I’m doing this, those of you out there who’ve been locked into this and you know what I’m talking about, stay tuned. I’ve got something for you before this video is done.

The Daily Wire responded by releasing the unredacted offer and noting that he never went into negotiations.

Then Crowder released another video of phone calls showing that he secretly recorded private phone calls.

In response to the recordings, the Daily Wire released their response.

“What is a Woman” documentary maker Matt Walsh was distraught by Crowder’s decision.

The battle between the two organizations is really causing a rift between in conservative media and it doesn’t look good.

What is curious is that Crowder registered the domain “” on 12/12/22 after publicly leaving the Blaze on 12/15/2022.  Crowder has not yet responded to the most recent development about the domain being launched a month before he started the tiff with the Dailywire. However, this post will be updated when it happens.

Ben Shapiro hasn’t been as diplomatic as Walsh or Boreing.


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