Made In USA, CCP Spy Balloon Stunner – VIDEO

A crazy new report was recently leaked from Senators that took part in a classified briefing.

There appears to be evidence that at least part of the components used in constructing the CCP spy balloon was made in the USA.

From Fox News:

Following a classified briefing Thursday with officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) the Department of Defense (DOD) and the State Department, Senators Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska., said that the question of whether American companies helped build the Chinese surveillance balloon was raised in the briefing, and the officials didn’t answer definitively.

Fox News has confirmed that the parts made to construct the balloon had English writing.

However, the State Department said: “We are confident that the balloon manufacturer has a direct relationship with China’s military and is an approved vendor of the PLA, according to information published in an official procurement portal for the PLA.”

“What we were just briefed on there, I think it should just be made public, right. Let the American people know the extent of the challenges,” Senator Dan Sullivan said after the hearing. “You know, when JFK realized we had missiles on the island of Cuba, right? The United States went public, so we should let people know when this has happened previously. Explain it, explain why we didn’t, but I think that’s going to be up to the executive branch.”

Earlier Sullviand said, “American companies shouldn’t be helping build spy satellites that are used against their own citizens. Maybe there’s nothing to be said about that,” he said, “but somebody asked about it, and nobody, nobody in that briefing said, ‘oh, it’s not a problem.'”

Joe doesn’t seem to think it was a big deal either.

But hey, ignorance is bliss.


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