Dem AG Preps Warrantless Searches On Homeschoolers – WATCH

It has been learned that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel wants to create a list of families who homeschool and conduct warrantless searches of their residents for their “safety.”

Nessel said that she wanted the list so they could visit the home.

Several board members pushed back, including Tim McMillian, who said the list would be unconstitutional because it would “go beyond registration; they’re either naive or they’re being disingenuous for anybody to say all we wanna do is have a list. It’s gonna go significantly further than that they’re gonna either want to know exactly what’s being taught or they’re gonna want entry into the houses.”

Board member Nikki Snyder also pushed back, insisting Nessel’s plan is overreach.

“I do think it’s oppressive to ask a student that has left the public education system for whatever reason they’ve left to then ask them to register with that same system,” she said. “We wouldn’t do that in any other facet of society and so to give people the freedom to exercise choices that work best for them is extremely important.”

Adding: “I just really wanna push back on things we’ve talked about at this table. Public education is not safer than homeschooling and that means it’s incumbent upon us to address that.”

Snyder got to the heart of the issue, concluding that people have a right to leave the system.

“What happens in other states when they register students in these buckets, is we end up overseeing their curriculum,” she said. “They’re making specific choices to not be in public education so that they can access a curriculum we’re not choosing to administer to them and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

You may remember that Nessel tried to criminally charge a barber for cutting hair during state shutdowns. If it wasn’t for the courts she would have been successful.



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