Major Blue City Says Mask Up! Plandemic 2.0 Begins

As the Labor Day holiday weekend began, New Yorkers were told to mask up.

As summeris ending and a new COVID variant has popped up health officials are recommending (for now, we know how this goes) people take precautions.

Patrick Gallahue of the New York CIty Department of Health said, “As cases rise, precautions become increasingly important, especially for our most vulnerable New Yorkers who are older, disabled, or have underlying health conditions.

“Staying up to date with Covid vaccines, along with other proven prevention tools – like masking, testing, and staying home when sick – continue to be our best defense against Covid and other respiratory viruses.”

Pauley added: “Anyone may choose to wear a mask in crowded or poorly ventilated indoor areas, including on public transportation and in transportation hubs at any time.”

Health “expert” Mercedes Carnethon, professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwester Univeristy told a reporter that she expects the new COVID varient to “spread rapidly but added that mask mandates probably won’t return.

“I do not believe that any regulatory bodies are likely to issue mask mandates because the public is not likely to be compliant,” she said.

Carnethon added: “At this stage of the pandemic, everyone knows someone who has had Covid and come out on the other end just fine. The urgency and concern about COVID-19 infection in the general population appears to be very low. I anticipate that masking will remain a personal choice.”

Interesting she should say that around the same time, Fauci (yes, he’s back too) doubled down on masks even though CNN host Michael Smerconish pressed him a bit.

Smerconsih confronted Dr. Fauci with the latest evidence that masks, even N95s, made “no difference” in the pandemic. Smerconish ended the interview by asking whether going forward we should “protect the most vulnerable and allow others to lead their normal lives,” essentially what the authors (of the Great Barrington Declaration asserted in 2020. Fauci ducks the question entirely but doesn’t attempt to refute it.
Fauci also lied about school closures and then claimed the duration of the shutdown was too long.
At the end of the interview, Fauci also hinted how this is going to go down in 2023. He said that we won’t see the federal government impose mandate but local governments and businesses might.


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