Man Tries To Rob Concealed Carry Class, Gets Shot By Everyone

Yes, what you read was correct. A man tried to rob a concealed carry that was taking a break at a gun store.

Recently the video is going viral however it occurred about a year ago.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, students were taking a break from their concealed carry class when a man entered the room who was not a student. The man attempted to steal a gun through a student’s bag but was prevented by the owner.

Store employees called the police to report an attempted robbery and escorted the man out of the classroom. After they store employees called the police, three of them escorted the man out of the store.

Once outside, the suspect was met by two police officers. The suspect refused to follow police instructions when they told him to stand in front of the car and kept his right hand in his pocket. When police attempted to subdue him he fought police with a screwdriver. One officer was stabbed in the face, and when she fell, the other officer and the three gun store employees opened fire, hitting the suspect 14 times. The suspect died at the scene.

The injured officer was hospitalized for a broken facial bone and stab wounds to her head and neck.

The suspect was identified as Marvon Payton Jr., 27, with a long criminal history of charges like attempted Murder, battery on a protected person, attempted robbery of a firearm, and assault on a protected person.

In Nevada, protected officials are defined as police officers, firefighters, first responders, sporting officials, etc.

Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman praised the gun store employees’ actions stating, “their involvement actually helped our officer and could have saved our officer’s life.”

Police did not release the name of the gun store employees involved in the shooting, and no charges were filed against them.




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