Marine Captures Crazy UFO At Military Base

Dozens of US Marines at Camp Wilson in Twentynine Palms were left stunned when a hugeblack triangular shape UFO appeared in the skies over the California military base earlier this year.

On April 20, 2021, US Marines at Camp Wilson saw lights that some believe were a craft hovering in the night sky for ten minutes. Videos of the incident, taken with smartphone cameras, show five lights in a triangular formation. One officer even managed to take an incredibly detailed photograph of the mysterious triangular shape.

Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, who were researching the incident through their podcast, Weaponized, have since released the footage along with an accompanying photograph on their show.

Witnesses reported that the UFO had dimensions that ranged from the size of a stealth bomber, with a wingspan of 172 feet, to one that was almost half the length of a football field. The phenomenon has resemblances to the infamous 1997 Phoenix Lights event, which was witnessed by thenArizona governor Fife Symington.

The amazing eyewitness account was given to Corbell by a mortarman, who was serving at the base at the time of the incident.

The soldier was outside when he first noticed the object, noting that itappeared out of nowhere‘. He snapped a photograph that revealed the outline of the craft. In it, one can see a black triangle underneath the lights, disproving the idea that they were fired illumination rounds.

The craft remained still for some time, before suddenlygoing black and disappearing as helicopters flew overhead with more vehicles gathering in the area. The Marines were left confused and bewildered by the experience.

What is even more mysterious is that this event had not been reported to the Department Of Defense‘s Alldomain Anomaly Resolution Office, which is currently looking into the case.

No one knows what the object was, but now, with the multiple videos photographed by the US Marines, and Corbell and Knapp‘s investigation, hopefully, all the pieces of this extraordinary story will start coming together to shine some light on the incident.


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