McConnell PANICS, MTG Pulls Back The Curtain Exposing Why GOP Lost Runoff, ‘You Guys Are…

Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia Hershel Walker didn’t make any excuses for admitting defeat to Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock.

“I want to thank all of you as well, because we’ve had a tough journey, have we not? But one of the things I said when they called the race, I said the numbers doesn’t look like they’re going to add up,” Walker told the crowd Tuesday night.

Walker continued, “But one of the things I want to tell you is you never stop dreaming. I don’t want any of you to stop dreaming. I don’t want any you to stop believing in America. I want you to believe in America and continue to believe in the Constitution and believe in our elected officials. Most of all, continue to pray for them.”

“I told someone this the other day — guys, I’ve done a lot of stuff,” Walker said. “You talk about Heisman trophies, talk about all the athletic awards, business awards I’ve won. But the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life is run for this senate seat right here.”

He finished his remarks by adding that he doesn’t want people to finger point because “I want you to continue to believe in this country and believe in our elected officials and most of all, stay together.”
Unfortunately, the finger-pointing went wild.
RINOs were blaming Trump, and the grassroots was blaming the establishment Republicans.
What you can’t deny is that Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell dumped a ton of money into the race and lost. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene explains how MItch got it all wrong.

“This is for Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and the rest of the Republican senators. You guys are the reason why we are losing Republican races all over the country, and this is your third loss in my home state, so let me inform you on behalf of Georgia: This is your third strike and you’re out,” Conservative Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said.


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