Melania Trump Doesn’t Mince Words, Fires Back Over ‘Rumors’

Former First Lady Melania Trump is one of the classiest women in the world. She is not one to speak out much but when she does look out!

After staying away from the most public parts of Donald Trump’s indictment, the former First Lady was seen joining her husband at Mar-a-Lago on Easter Sunday, sitting at his side to mark the holiday occasion.

In her short statement posted to Twitter, Melania Trump’s office noted: “News organizations have made assumptions about the former First Lady’s stance on subjects that are personal, professional, and political over the past few weeks. In these articles, unnamed sources are cited to bolster the author’s claims. We ask readers to exercise caution and good judgment when determining whether or not stories concerning the former First Lady are accurate, particularly when they fail to cite Mrs. Trump as a source of information.”


The media continues trying to make something out of nothing to drag the former president down. It’s another fine example of the mainstream media trying to drum up fake news surrounding the former president.

The former president is expected to return to New York this week for a deposition in a business fraud lawsuit filed against him and his company by the state’s attorney general. The last time Trump was in New York, he declined to answer questions in the deposition, invoking his Fifth Amendment right.

The former president is wise he’s not going to let a prosecutor try to entrap him in a game of words.



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