More Scandal At ABC News: Producer Dumped After Being Caught Spying On Politicians For Thousands Of $$$

Kristen Hentschel, formerly known as Kristyn Caddell, had a successful career as a TV producer for ABC News. She was the field reporter for OJ Simpson’s robbery trial in 2009, President Barack Obama’s 2008 inauguration and was even nominated for a local Emmy for her 2014 report on a woman who committed a murder-suicide by driving her children into the sea.

However, what many people don’t know is that Hentschel also had a second job working for a major political consulting firm called Matrix LLC.

Through her work with Matrix, Hentschel has been accused of at least four different acts of political espionage. She allegedly confronted a Florida State Rep and alleged that a construction project that he was involved in was responsible for the deaths of endangered tortoises, which was false. She is also accused of smearing a South Florida mayor by saying that a previously settled lawsuit involving the mayor’s daughter and a friend was about to come under renewed spotlight.

On another occasion, Hentschel door stepped a Florida Republican Congressman Brian Mast, telling his wife she was from ABC News, and wanting to question him about crude jokes he had made on Facebook years earlier. In another bizarre act, Hentschel hired an Atlanta-area personal trainer and befriended her. The trainer was the ex-girlfriend of the CEO of a company that was a rival to her clients. It was later reported that the trainer and her ex-boyfriend had been the victims of spying.

These allegations have prompted ABC News to investigate the matter and a spokesperson confirmed that Hentschel was a daily hire for ABC News and that she no longer works for the network. The spokesperson also confirmed that Hentschel was not assigned to work on any of the political stories mentioned in the NPR report.

However, it is not just Hentschel’s political espionage that has made headlines. In 2011, it was revealed that Hentschel had a four-month long affair with To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen. Hentschel claimed that Hansen had fooled her into believing that his marriage was ‘filled with misery and on the verge of disarray.’

After news of the affair broke, Hentschel did not work in TV again until 2014 when she was hired by WPTV in Orlando. It is clear that her career has been impacted by her affair with Hansen.

The allegations against Hentschel are serious and are cause for concern. It is essential that ABC News and other media outlets take steps to ensure that their employees are not using their positions for political espionage. It is also important to consider the impact that Hentschel’s affair with Hansen has had on her career and how it has potentially hindered her ability to find work in the TV industry.



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