Blue States Shook, Experiencing ‘One Of The Biggest’ Shifts In US History

At first, Democrats passed it off as noise; however, now that the data is trickling in, it’s obvious.

Blue States are experiencing “one of the biggest mass migrations in American history.”

Americans are fleeing states like Illinois, New York, California, Pennsylvania (it’s a blue state, folks), and New Jersey.

Where did they go?

Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Idaho, and Georgia.

The influx into North Carolina was so strong it is turning the state red.

Economist Stephen Moore has said that the trend is huge.

“If you look at, for example, the states that gained the most population over the last 10 years, you’re talking about obviously, Florida, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, those states, the Southeast now has a larger GDP — total combined economic output — than the Northeast,” Moore pointed out. “That’s the first time that’s ever happened in American history.”

According to a Census Bureau report the population in the South grew by over 1.4 million residents.

One of the biggest factors is taxes. For example, the gas tax in Pennsylvania is oppressive, it was also a compromise made by RINOs with the Dem governor.

Additionally, Americans are fleeing oppressive income taxes and head to Texas and Florida where there is not tax.

So who’s moving? Conservatives that live in these blue states.

For example, of the 119,000 voters who moved into Idaho (mainly from Washington and California), 65% of them registered as a Republican.

The Seattle Times Laments the reality that their narrative was wrong:

The data explodes the myth that liberals, untethered due to remote work, might be moving to Idaho or other red states from San Francisco and Seattle and potentially turning the interior more purple. The exact opposite is happening — people are segregating into like-minded, polarized, geographical camps.

The Seattle Times notes that the migration is a big hit to the Washington State GOP but it’s actually their fault.

For example, in Pennsylvania, Republican Governor Tom Corbett authorized the state to have one of the highest gas taxes in the nation. When Democrat Governor Tom Wolf took over he defended it and refused to lower it.

The tax has currently dropped slightly but that’s because of a decrease in average wholesale prices of gasoline. 

Now compare that to a state like Georgia, whose GOP Governor dropped the gas tax in the fall of 2023 when prices spiked because of a budget surplus.

Look at the decline in New York City, it’s no wonder people are leaving.

The Seattle Times sort of misses the mark and thinks that people are moving because of “partisanship.”

Nope. they are moving to be around like-minded people who want lower taxes and a higher quality of life. Look, moving to the big city to make something of yourself used to be a thing. That was a real dream once, now it’s get the hell out.

If you think the left is freaking out about this now, just wait until the next census when they start losing more congressional districts.


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