New Shocking Video Of Biden Wandering Off & Getting Lost, ‘Mr. President, Mr. President…

After Hurricane Ian struck Florida, President Joe Biden addressed the nation at FEMA headquarters in DC.

Biden told the people of Florida that they have his support.

“My message to the people of Florida and to the country is: At times like this, America comes together.  We’re going to pull together as one team, as one America,” Biden said. “First thing this morning is when I talked to Governor DeSantis and, again, I offered the fullest federal support. Earlier this week, I approved his request for the pre-landfall emergency declaration to provide direct federal assistance to the state for emergency protective measures to save lives, including search and rescue and shelter and food.

The President also promised to help victims of the storm if their insurance wasn’t enough.

“And folks in Florida who have destroyed or damaged homes — if you don’t have enough insurance, it means the federal government will provide individual assistance of [up to] $37,900 for home repairs, another $37,900 for lost property — everything from an automobile to a lost wedding ring,” Biden said. “And that’s what we mean by ‘lost property.’”

Throughout the speech, Biden struggled to speak.

Perhaps the most shocking moment was when Biden wandered off and appeared to be extremely disoriented.

During public appearances the day before his address at FEMA, Biden also struggled and even asked for a member of Congress who passed away.

In the clip below, Biden couldn’t keep his words straight, and the crowd anxiously laughed.

After his speech, for some reason, Joe yelled, “don’t jump.”

The White House’s response to Biden’s gaffe was laughable.


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