Media & Dems Caught Pushing Misinformation About Texas NG At Border


On January 15, 2024, as I was perusing the interwebs, I noticed a talking point that was spreading like wildfire through left-wing drones on X (formerly Twitter.)

Now, former MSNBC host/commentator posted a CBS News report that the Texas National Guard “physically barred” Border agents from rescuing migrants who drowned while trying to cross the US southern border at Eagle Pass.

The waterfall of leftist comments followed:

We now have the details, and once again, it’s complete misinformation.

The Texas Military Department stated that the claim made by CBS News and spread by Democrats was “inaccurate.” Border Patrol agents did not ask permission to rescue the migrants who sadly drowned. They contacted the soldiers securing the area as Mexican authorities collected the two that drowned, and border patrol “specifically requested access to the park to the park to secure two additional migrants.”

Those two migrants who crossed the river into the area being secured by Texas authorities were apprehended by soldiers securing the area and turned over to the Texas Department of Public Safety. One of the migrants was treated for hypothermia.

Once again, either people jumped the gun, or it was an attempt to create misinformation to try and drum up pressure for Texas to allow border patrol into the park.

The left needs to learn we’ve really gotten wise to these misinformation campaigns.

From the Texas Department of the Military:

The Texas Military Department has continued a thorough review of the circumstances surrounding the drowning of migrants in the Rio Grande. Claims of Border Patrol requesting access to save distressed migrants are inaccurate.

Claims that TMD prevented Border Patrol from saving the lives of drowning migrants are wholly inaccurate. At the time that Border Patrol requested access, the drownings had occurred, Mexican Authorities were recovering the bodies, and Border Patrol expressed these facts to the TMD personnel on site.

TMD Soldiers were in direct communication with Border Patrol on the evening of 12 January when Border Patrol requested access to Shelby Park. Soldiers confirmed that when Border Patrol requested access to the park they stated that Mexican Authorities had already recovered the bodies of two drowned migrants.

Border Patrol specifically requested access to the park to secure two additional migrants that were presumed to have traveled with the deceased, though had crossed to the boat ramp. Two migrants were apprehended by TMD, with one turned over to DPS and the other transferred to EMS in response to initial hypothermic conditions. Additionally, TMD remained engaged with lights, night vision goggles, and thermals to ensure that no additional migrants were in the river or in distress.

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