OBGYN Claims About Dylan Mulvaney Go Viral

OBGYNs have once again stirred up controversy after publicly making the absurd claim that Dylan Mulvaney is a woman.

Michele Quinn, an OBGYN and abortion provider, and Jennifer Lincoln, a selfdescribed OBGYNwhose passion is helping girls, women, and those assigned female at birth,” stunned social media users when they both posted that Mulvaney a man who identifies as a transgender woman is, in fact, a woman.

The absurd claim was prompted by a tweet from Ahmad Malik that featured photos of Mulvaney accompanied by the question,Is this person a woman?” Quinn responded,Gynecologist here. The answer is yes. And you‘re a bigot. Not a good look for a physician.” Lincoln replied,OBGYN here and the answer is yes. Move on and stop spreading hate.”

Both Quinn and Lincoln have their pronouns listed asshe/her on their Twitter profiles.

The OBGYNs controversial claim has been echoed by Bud Light, the company for which Mulvaney released content earlier this year. AnheuserBusch recently issued a press release stating that the beer maker will donate $200,000 to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce in support of its Communities of Color Initiative.

While Bud Light is receiving support from segments of the population, many are pointing out that what Quinn and Lincoln said is not only radical but also scientifically inaccurate.

That‘s a person born a boy with male parts and Y chromosome. Man confirmed,” wrote one Twitter user. Others on social media expressed alarm at theabsurdity of the OBGYNs comments, and the danger of medical professionals spreading misinformation.

It‘s unclear why Quinn and Lincoln would make such a blatantly false claim, but their comments have provoked conversation and controversy. There is no doubt that this is a conversation that needs to be had, as it is crucial for medical professionals to recognize the differences between male and female anatomy and biology. Otherwise, their ability to properly diagnose and treat their patients could be compromised.

It is troubling that Quinn and Lincoln, both of whom have devoted their lives to providing medical care to women, have made such an outrageous and scientifically unsound assertion. In the words of one Twitter user, it‘s time for OBGYNs like them toget back to reality and stay true to their oaths of caring for women.


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