OMG: Hillary Clinton Fumes After Kari Lake Responds To Attack, That One Stung

Probably one of the more amazing things to see this election cycle – which no one expected – is how irrelevant Obama and Hillary Clinton are.

Obama is being heckled on the campaign trail, and Hillary is constantly being mocked.

For some reason, Democrats thought it would be a great idea to let Hillary get back into the game and she recently went after Republican candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake.

Hillary went on CNN to discuss the midterms, and she was asked about Lake’s response to the attack on Paul Pelosi.

“Nancy Pelosi, well, she’s got protection when she’s in D.C. — apparently, her house doesn’t have a lot of protection.” Lake reportedly said during a rally

Lake denies she made those comments, that they were edited out of context and selectively by the media.

“I was talking about our children and why they don’t have better security. And I said that our politicians have security and that our athletes have security, and we need to have security,” Lake told the Dailymail“Go back and look at the tape and don’t do any creative editing, like the fake media tends to do, and you’ll see what I was saying.”

However, that didn’t stop Hillary.

“You know, I am rarely shocked anymore, but the reaction that I’ve seen from a number of Republicans, both in person and online, making fun of that attack, somehow trying to turn it into a joke, the same party that wants us to be worried about crime?” Clinton said on CNN. “You know, the hypocrisy is incredibly obvious and I want voters to think hard about why would you give authority to people who laugh at what happened to Paul Pelosi. We can have our differences over all kinds of policies, but when you really get to the human level, my goodness, what kind of person is that, and why would we entrust any power to such a person?”

During an appearance on Fox News with host Sean Hannity Kari Lake swung back and made Clinton look like a fool.
Hannity asked Lake to respond to the fact that Liz Cheney, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and now Hillary Clinton is attacking her.
“First it was Liz Cheney last week, and I just laughed that off, and now I’m living rent free in Barack Obama’s mind, and then Eric Holder today,” Lake said.
“But I was a little concerned today, I’m going to be honest, when I saw Hillary Clinton bad mouthing me,” Lake continued. “She looked angry and actually scared and just completely unrelated: I want you to know, just in case you’re wondering, I am in perfect health, my brakes on the car are in good shape, and I am not suicidal. And we’re going to win this thing on Tuesday.”

Folks, we know how thin-skinned Hillary is. That one stung.


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