Peter Doocy Turns Press Conference Upside-down KJP Loses Control At Press Conference Over Biden Docs, ‘We Don’t Need To Have…

Wow, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy started an avalanche during the most recent White House Press briefing. Once Doocy started, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lost control.

What caused the stir was that it appeared the White House didn’t know that a second batch was found, and when the press started asking questions, they didn’t know what to say.

As an example of how contentious the press conference was as of the writing of this post, the White House has yet to publish the transcript. I would expect it to be published but probably not until things blow over.

KJP refused to say what Biden does or doesn’t know.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got really testy with CBS News over a question about election interference.

Another reporter asked, “President Biden campaigned on a promise to stay true to the spirit of transparency. How is it possible that the White House did not reveal the presence of these documents prior to the election?”

Her answer was very telling.

Perhaps the most brutal question came from Peter Doocy who asked a clearly caught-off-guard KJP how Biden could be that irresponsible. As has been previously reported, the classified documents discovered were allegedly taken after Biden was Vice President. Only the President has the authority to declassify documents, not the Vice President.


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