Police Called On Biden’s Cabinet Member, Call Released – Listen

A 911 call recording obtained by Fox News reveals that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s staff caused a chaotic situation by obstructing electric vehicle (EV) chargers with a gas-powered car. This incident occurred during a four-day EV road trip from North Carolina to Tennessee in June.

At a Walmart in Grovetown, Georgia, Energy Department staffers used a car with an internal combustion engine to block an EV charger designated for Granholm. As a result, a frustrated family, who had to wait to use the charger due to the gas-powered vehicle, eventually contacted the police to report the incident.

“I’m calling because I’m in the Grovetown Walmart at the charging station and there’s literally a non-electric car that is taking up a space and said they’re holding the space for somebody else,” a woman who made the 911 call told a police dispatcher. “And it’s holding up a whole bunch of people who need to charge their cars.”

You can listen to the call below:

“There are other people who are waiting to charge and they’re still here and they’re not in electric cars,” she added. “The sign says you can’t park here unless you’re charging.”

The dispatcher promptly informed the woman that a deputy was en route to address the situation. Although a police officer did eventually respond to the incident, no formal police report was ever filed.

NPR initially reported the incident while accompanying Granholm on the trip. As per the report, Granholm’s office tried to plan the visit to highlight the substantial investments made by the White House in green energy and clean cars.

The Biden administration is so incompetent they can’t even orchestrate a vehicle charging stop. Secondly, why can’t Granholm just wait her turn, like every other EV owner? The incompetence and snobbery of the administration is truly a site to behold.

Although Granholm’s team meticulously scheduled the trip to account for charging stops, the recent stop in Georgia highlighted the problem with the administration’s EV push.

“I drive an electric vehicle myself, and I’ve test-driven many more as NPR’s auto reporter. I know how easy it can be to charge when everything goes well and how annoying it can be when things go poorly,” NPR reporter Camila Domonoske wrote in the report.

“Riding along with Granholm, I came away with a major takeaway: EVs that aren’t Teslas have a road trip problem, and the White House knows it’s urgent to solve this issue.”


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