Biden Breaks, Statement Highlights Mental Decline – WATCH

It started as a sti-downin the Oval Office and turned into Biden trashing Republicans in the House and Senate.

A debate is raging in Washington DC. Biden wants more money for Ukraine and the GOP will give it to him but only if Joe Biden gives funds to deal with the border crisis.

Biden is calling the calls to secure the border an “extreme Republican partisan agenda.”

“Holding Ukraine funding hostage in an attempt to force through an extreme Republican partisan agenda on the border is not how it works. We need real solutions,” Biden said.

Biden got himself so riled up though that he started having trouble concentrating. Joe then got lost reading his pre-written speech.

One thing to note about the two video clips above and the one below. Notice that Joe is reading the speech word for word.

What Biden said below shows just how scrambled his brains are.

Biden said, “We also need Ukraine to make changes to fix the broken immigration system.”

the President then corrected himself and said that Congress is needed to fix the broken immigration system.

It must have been past his bedtime.

Zelensky also appeared on Fox News that evening and demanded Americans not build roads or put money into their infrastructure and give it all to Ukraine.


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