Biden’s Reaction When He Gets Boo’d Says It All – WATCH

While Biden continued his vacation he did not get the welcome he hoped for.

During his Lake Tahoe visit the President, who has an incredibly low approval rating made a rare move and went out in public.

Huntergate is starting to give the President a lot of problems and Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) argued that being lectured by Biden about privilege is like “being lectured about gun safety by Alec Baldwin.”

“Huntergate is about two things: privilege and sleaze,” Kennedy began. “First, the privilege. President Biden and many members of the media lecture us incessantly about the injustice of privilege, especially so-called ‘white privilege.’ But to me, that’s like being lectured about gun safety by Alec Baldwin.”

The President’s approval ratings are incredibly low and Republican Senator Mike Lee has nicknamed Joe, the “Corvette Caligula.”

As one of the worst fires in the nation’s history ripped through Maui Biden was on vacation and except for a visit he stayed on vacation. It’s no wonder that when he made a rare public appearance, he was heckled.


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