Rep. Bowman Backpedals, Makes Bad Situation Worse, Talking Points Backfire

Rep. Jamaal Bowman is taking a lot of heat after he set off the House fire alarm as the House scrambled to avoid a government shutdown.

House Republicans are looking to punish Bowman and the New York Democrat office sent a memo to House Democrats with talking points.

One of them was very inflammatory:

“I believe Congressman Bowman when he says this was an accident. Republicans need to instead focus their energy on the N**i members of their party before anything else.”

Bowman put out a statement denoucing the talking point stating that he did not approve it.

“just became aware that in our messaging guidance, there was inappropriate use of the term N**i without my consent. I condemn the use of the term N**i out of its precise definition. It is important to specify the term N**i to refer to members of the N**i party & neo-N**s,” wrote Bowman.

Meanwhile, Republicans are instroducing a resolution to expel Bowman as a result of his behavor.

“We’ve dropped the resolution with twelve cosponsors, and we will continue to add more throughout the day. Mr. Bowman’s juvenile actions violated both federal and local law and he must be held accountable,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) said in a statement.

Bowman claims it was all an accident.

“I was just trying to get to my vote. The door thatʼs usually open wasnʼt open. I didnʼt mean to cause confusion. I didnʼt know it was going to trip the whole building. I thought [the alarm] would help me open the door,” Bowman said.

The Capitol Police have also opened an investion stating that “a man” was seen trying to exit a door in the Cannon House Office Building and then pulled a fire alarm.

“USCP officers had previously placed signs with clear language that explained the door was secured and marked as an emergency exit only,” the department said.


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