GOP Self Sabotaging Majority, Another Suspicious Resignation Amid Impeachment, Takes Cushy Elitist Job

Leave it to the Republican party to sabotage and screw up their own majority just an impeachment inquiry of Biden and other officials is being prepared.

On January 22, Bill Johnson (R-OH), a well-known figure in the political arena, will be stepping into a new role as President of Youngstown State University (YSU). This move is quite a headline grabber because it’s a bit unexpected. His transition to YSU President is happening earlier than the initially projected date of March 15.

So, what led to this sudden shift? Well, Michael Peterson, the Chairman of YSU’s Board of Trustees, shared some insights in a message to the YSU community. Johnson has officially submitted his resignation from Congress, with his term ending on January 21. He’ll be assuming his new responsibilities at the university the very next day.

Politically, Johnson’s resignation will leave the House with 219 Republicans, 213 Democrats, and three vacancies. This means Republicans will now have a thinner margin for passing party-line measures, with only a two-vote buffer. Remember, this follows the resignation of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the expulsion of former Rep. George Santos.

His resignation comes as impeachment hearings and votes are on the horizon.

In his resignation letter to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, he spoke highly of his district’s residents, calling them “proud and patriotic,” but often overlooked by America’s elites. Johnson expressed his gratitude for being elected repeatedly to serve these communities, emphasizing their critical role in building the nation and shaping its future.

Johnson should take some of his own medicine. He’s leaving his job for a cushy elitist position.

Johnson is already making his presence felt on campus. He’s been visiting YSU, interacting with students, faculty, and staff. It seems he’s eager to get a headstart, even before his official tenure begins. Peterson praised Johnson’s commitment to advancing the mission of YSU, and he’s excited about the contributions both Johnson and his wife, LeeAnn, will bring to the community.

However, Johnson’s appointment as YSU President hasn’t been without controversy. There’s been significant criticism from YSU students, faculty, and donors. Some are questioning the University Board of Trustees’ closed search process and Johnson’s lack of higher education experience. Additionally, there are concerns about his previous comments regarding “indoctrination” in higher education.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Bob Menedez has been charged in a second indictment and has yet to be expelled from the Senate.


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