Return Of The Covidians: City Preps For Mandates

They’re back!

In Los Angeles County, about 73% of the population is designated as fully vaccinated, and that includes children.

Yet COVID cases are increasing. How is this possible you ask? Didn’t Joe Biden tell us this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated?


LA county has announced that they have move into the Centers for Disease Prevention “high” community level and that if cases rise – which they expect to – a mask order will be put in place.


Fauci continues to triple down…

With the highly anticipated Twitter COVID files about to be released Covidians are circling the wagons. Apparently, the new talking point is “leave Fauci alone, he’s a nice guy, and didn’t do anything bad on purpose.”

They tried to make Americans refuse a procedure for second-class citizens and when their religion gets exposed they want you to forget it ever happened.



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