RFK Strike Deal With Biden? Makes Big 2024 Announcement

We may have a Ross Perot in the 2024 election.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has announced that he is going to run as an independent in 2024.

“Bobby feels that the DNC is changing the rules to exclude his candidacy so an independent run is the only way to go,” a Kennedy campaign insider told reporters.

It appears that he took the advice of Fox News host Greg Gutfeld who said in July he should run 3rd party.

“I think he should run as a third party candidate because I do think he should, he would win, is because his party’s radical elements, what we call the woke, have embraced this fascist clampdown on language,” Gutfeld said.

The problem is most analysts and RFK himself agree that he’ll take votes away from Trump, not Biden.

Democrats are sodily behind whoever is at the top of their movement which is why the polls can be deceptive. Yes, Democrats are unhappy with Biden but they aren’t going to vote Republican and they still plan on voting.

The latest Public Policy Polling report about Senator Bob Menendez showed that.

The Senator accused of being bribed with gold bars by a foreign country’s favorability rating with Democrats in New Jersey is at 12%. However, when registered voters in New Jersey were asked if they would vote for Menendez or a Republican in 2024, Democrats overwhelmingly said they vote for the Democrat incumbent.

After Biden took office there were a lot of center left people out there who were considering voting for Trump but championed RFK getting into the race. Now that he’s going third party he’s going to peel voters from Trump.

RFK admitted it himself.


Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec added that as soon as RFK announced he was running third party the attacks stopped.

Polling has already been done showing that RFK puts Trump back to even with Biden.

Some speculate that RFK made a deal with Biden others claim that RFK doesn’t like either candidate.


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