Scandal Erupts As Joe Biden Leaves Brave Servicemen Behind In Need Of Financial Assistance

The Biden administration has come under fire after reports emerged that it failed to send the final paycheck of the year for National Guard troops during the week of Christmas. This egregious error comes after weeks of tense negotiations over a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill and an additional $45 billion aid package for Ukraine, bringing total taxpayer-funded Ukrainian aid up to a staggering $66 billion.

The failure to pay these dedicated men and women in uniform who are working day in and day out on behalf of their country is simply unacceptable — especially at this time of year when they could really use those extra funds. According to The Post Millennial, some members have taken drastic measures such as selling personal items so that they can make ends meet until their next paycheck arrives.

This incident only serves to further highlight how little regard the current administration has for our military forces and does not bode well for its future dealings with them should similar issues arise elsewhere down the line. As Senator Rand Paul put it: “Our brave servicemembers deserve better than this blatant disregard from Washington DC” — a sentiment echoed by many other GOP lawmakers as well.

Unfortunately, due to disagreements between both sides of Congress over certain aspects of the omnibus spending bill, there was yet another government shutdown last Friday which added even more delays and complications in getting payments processed on time for those affected by it all—including our own beloved National Guardsmen who were already dealing with enough financial strain before this debacle occurred.

It seems that what should have been a straightforward process has become marred by bureaucracy and political grandstanding—with no real solution in sight or any indication that things will get better anytime soon if we continue down this path without addressing these core issues head-on first. It is clear now more than ever before that something must be done immediately lest our nation continues sinking deeper into debt while leaving those who serve us behind forgotten about altogether!

Many questions still remain unanswered regarding why exactly did this happen? What steps will be taken going forward to ensure nothing like this ever happens again? Will anyone be held accountable for such gross negligence being displayed here? And most importantly, how long will it take before all affected members finally receive their rightful wages once payment is eventually approved?

All eyes are now on President Biden’s desk waiting anxiously as he prepares his signature upon approval of said bill…but whether or not justice shall prevail remains yet uncertain still unless swift action is taken soon!


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