More COVID Craze N95 Mask Mandate For Third Graders, Booster Mandates For All?

The Plandemic 2.0 is well on its way.

Now, Rosemary Hills, a public Elementary School in Maryland, is requiring students wear an N95 mask.

In a letter sent to parents of a specific classroom, principal Rebecca Irwin Kennedy stated that three or more individuals have tested positive in the last ten days, deaming it necessary for elementary school aged kids to wear maks. The school provided additional N95 masks to students in the identified classes or activities, and Kennedy also encouraged parents to look out for symptoms of the virus while given home rapid testing kits to be administered. Following the 10-day period, the masks will become optional once again.

The WEF is gearing up as well.

According to reports a new COVID booster will be available in early September and MSNBC says everyone older than 6 months needs the new jab.

With the new hysteria coming from the media it will be interesting to see how many people get the booster shot. Last time only 17% of the American population received the booster.


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