Scientific Proof! Dems Are As Dimwitted As We Thought

A media research poll just came out let’s just say that it doesn’t make those who rely on CNN and MSNBC look good.

Like they really are drones.

From the report:

A comprehensive new poll from the Media Research Center finds voters who rely on CNN and MSNBC are significantly less informed about a host of important issues: from the lack of security on the border and the impact of Joe Biden’s economic policies; to the financial scandals swirling around the President and his family, including suggestions his administration interceded to get his son “preferential treatment” during the tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden.

On every issue we examined, a majority of those who reported mainly watching Fox News or Newsmax said they recalled hearing about the various news stories we polled, while never more than 50 percent of those who watched CNN and MSNBC had the same information. Depending on the issue, the gap between the two groups averaged 23.5 percent, a huge deficit in the factual information of viewers of liberal cable news.

MRC President L. Brent Bozell III reacted: “This poll is just more evidence of the leftist media’s corrupt election interference. It’s no surprise that voters who rely on these leftist cable networks for their news are vastly less aware of Joe Biden’s multiple scandals and policy disasters. CNN and MSNBC know exactly what they’re doing, which is to bury the truth of Biden’s failures in order to save Joe Biden from himself.”

When you read the report it’s understandable how a person like Fetterman can get elected.

A great example of this is when Bill Maher had Rob Reiner on his show.

Reiner couldn’t help but show how uninformed he was about the Hunter laptop story.

“They buried the Hunter Biden story before the election because they were, like, ‘We can’t risk having the election thrown to Trump. We’ll tell them after the election,’ Maher said.

“And we know for a fact that that’s what they did?” Reiner responded.

“Of course!” Maher double down. “You don’t follow this?”

“I don’t know what they did,” Reiner replied.

“I know because you only watch MSNBC,” Maher quipped


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