Uh-Oh Biden’s Script Discovered & He Was Still A Mess – WATCH

President Biden held a meeting with the mayor of the city. During a portion of the event, the President took questions; however, it was all scripted.

Mayor Rosenberg asked the President about his initiative on lead pipes, and the President gave a long answer.

“Let me put this in perspective.  The research by the doc shows that reducing lead exposure for children has — this is a study that was done — has the same effect on test scores — just take test scores at school — on test scores as reducing class size from 22 to 15 students and less — one tenth of the cost.  Let me just give you one example of the impact it has on IQ formation and the ability to think and the like.  So, it’s a — it’s a significantly smart investment, number one,” Biden said. “Number two, we have enough money and we’re going to eliminate every lead pipe in America. Every one.”

The President went on to give stats and long-winded answers.

It was all preplanned. His script was discovered.

Here’s a close-up.

Below are clips from the same meeting and remember he has a script.


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