Sec Buttigieg’s Husband Looks Like A Fool AFter Trying To Defend Pete Over Southwest Crisis

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a terrible Transportation Secretary who has destroyed the supply chain. Heck, we never even discussed the supply chain until Pete and the Biden administration broke it.

Over Christmas, Southwest Airlines had a total breakdown due to weather and software issues. It caused a traveling nightmare that saw over 5,000 flights canceled in 48 hours.

During the last airline nightmare last summer, economist Ro Khanna and Senator Bernie Sanders sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete asking for steps fines against airlines who fail to keep up with their infrastructure.

Khanna pointed out that smaller airlines like Frontier have been fined for not refunding passengers but the federal government leaves the big airlines alone.

“Airlines that brazenly skirt the rules deserve to be fined, but this latest round of enforcement from the USDOT comes almost three years too late and leaves out the most egregious U.S. offenders,” said William J. McGee, Senior Fellow for Aviation & Travel at the American Economic Liberties Project. “Frontier’s decision to withhold valid refunds deserves punishment. But so too does the ongoing abuse of passengers by American, Delta, and United, whose market share dwarfs Frontier’s. The USDOT must address widespread flight disruptions amid soaring airfares, and restore confidence in flying ahead of this holiday season — or we all risk a repeat of the summer’s flight debacles.”

Well, Mayor Pete’s hubby Chasten didn’t like the fact that a sitting Senator may have sent a letter but that doesn’t matter because he never made a social media post about it.

That’s right folks, you read that right. The official letter from a sitting United States Senator doesn’t count because it wasn’t posted on social media.

These people are complete clowns.


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