Ben Shapiro Forces Big Tech Company Into An Embarrassing Retreat

Youtube has pumped the brakes after censoring a Ben Sapior, the first episode of a new Ben Shapiro series called “Fact.”

The series is taking on groups claiming to take on “misinformation” and dictate what is “safe” for Americans to read.

The Media Research Center (MRC) pressed YouTube over why monetization of the video was suppressed but was given no answer.

“Ironically, YouTube has suppressed monetization for Episode 1 of my new YouTube series, Facts, because it ‘discusses New World Order, which is a non-monetizable “conspiracy theory”‘ under [YouTube’s] Dangerous Acts in ad-friendly guidelines,’” Shapiro posted to X, formerly known as Twitter at the time the video was being suppressed.

“Except nothing in the video is a conspiracy theory at all,” he added. “Watch for yourself and get the facts about who is controlling ad revenue on YouTube and all of the largest Big Tech platforms–including this one.”

In the episode that was censored Shapiro explained how the World Federation f Advertisers is involved in how advertisers are spending their money.

“There’s a group of people who control what you are allowed to see, the news you read, the videos you watch, the posts you engage with,” he said. “You haven’t heard of them. You don’t know their names, but they determine through methods, both direct and indirect, whether you are allowed to be exposed to particular messages. Their decisions can bankrupt companies, silence voices, and fundamentally shift cultural norms.”

After getting an immense amount of pressure, YouTube backed off and reversed their decision.

From the Dailywire:

The reversal came after Media Research Center (MRC) Free Speech America pressed YouTube about why monetization of Shapiro’s video was suppressed. MRC said YouTube effectively refused to acknowledge that the platform had limited the video in the first place. Notably, The Daily Wire was in communication with YouTube when the media company twice appealed YouTube’s suppression of the limited monetization and a manual review upheld the suppression, suggesting YouTube’s demonetization was intentional and not in error.

You can watch the full video below uncensored.



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