She Started Stuttering! Fox News Doocey Catches Press Sec In A Catch 22 – WATCH

Since Musk took over Twitter the White House has issued several veiled threats however, it was a Fox News White House correspondent that caused the White House to do a double take.

Peter Doocey asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre when they are going “to delete the White House Twitter account?”

Pierre asked, “Why would we do that?”

Well, you’re saying that you’re keeping an eye on Twitter because it might not be a suitable platform.  So why use it?” Doocey shot back.

“Look, I want to be very clear here: The President has always said and he has been very — very clear in his belief that it is important of social media platforms to continue to take steps to reduce hate speech and misinformation,” KJP said. “And he’ll — we’ll continue to say that, but media platforms make independent choices about their information that they present.”

“And so, look, I don’t have anything to share on any policy or any changes that we will be making.  We have multiple platforms, as you know, that we utilize to communicate with the American people,” she added.

They are backing down.

As the White House harasses Musk – mainly just to keep their base happy – they are doing nothing to Apple who is assisting the CCP in censorship of lockdown protestors.

White House NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby affirmed that they will take no action because the Biden administration isn’t “in the business of telling private companies how to execute their initiatives.”

Unless it’s vaccine mandates. 

Kirby told reporters, “Look, in general, and we’ve been clear about this all around the world, we want individual citizens, no matter what government they live under, to be able to communicate freely and openly, transparently and reliably. And we’ve made that clear with respect to Iran and we certainly continue to make that clear here with respect to China. Apple’s a private company, Martha, they have to make decisions and they have to speak for those decisions. But here at the White House, here in the administration, we want to see that individual citizens — whether they’re protesting or not, but in this case, I know that’s the context we’re talking about — are able to communicate freely and openly.”

“Communicate freely and openly,” oh really?

Do you mean like how the Biden administration colluded will social media companies to ban people going against their COVID narrative?


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