Smug Woke Company Goes Broke Posts Epic Losses In 2022

Companies are learning that if they go woke, they may go broke, and that’s exactly what happened to this company.

The Walt Disney Company thought they were too big to fail and could power thru any pushback over their agenda-driven content. They were dead wrong.

The company just posted its worst year since 1974, watching $123 billion get flushed down the toilet. Discern reported that Disney saw 44% of its market value disappear.

Disney originals like “She-Hulk” that were designed to mock conservatives flopped.

The mistakes at Disney are piling up and part of them are the fault of Bob Iger who recently took the company over.

Iger made a short term play to target adults instead of doing what Disney has always done best, tells great stories for families.

Instead Disney saw how Millienial adult larpers were still holding Harry Potter parties.

Remember, “Ministry of Truth” head for the Biden administration Nina Jankowicz? As an adult, she was a member of a Harry Potter tribute band called the “Moaning Myrtles.” 

She sang songs about having an intimate relationship with Harry Potter.


These are the people that Disney is targeting and is pushing back against families.

Just take a look at their recent flop, “Strange World.” The new animated show features a non-binary teenager and it took a beating at the box office. Additionally, they’ve ruined Star Wars and killed Marvel off one terrible original after another.

Bringing in Iger was a panic move by board members scared to the death of their shareholders. But it was Iger who let all of this happen in the first place.

Disney let themselves be infiltrated by radicals and that may mean the end of an iconic American brand.


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