Some Big Time Hollywood Stars Support Israel In War, Take A BIG Stand

The recent outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas has garnered worldwide attention, and Hollywood celebrities are among those speaking out in support of Israel.

Among those expressing their support on social media is “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill, who shared an image of an American flag next to the Israeli flag on Twitter with the caption, “America stands with Israel.” Hamill’s sentiment was echoed by many others in the entertainment industry, including actress Natalie Portman, who was born in Jerusalem. Portman shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing her shock and sorrow at the ongoing conflict. She wrote, “Children, women, and the elderly have been murdered and abducted from their own homes. I am in horror at the barbaric acts and my heart is pounding with love and prayer for the families of all affected.”

Pop icon Madonna also used her platform to raise awareness about the situation in Israel, posting a graphic video on Instagram and writing, “What is happening in Israel is devastating. Watching all of these families and especially children being herded, assaulted, and murdered in the streets is heartbreaking.” She added, “Conflicts can never be resolved with violence. Unfortunately, Humanity does not understand this Universal truth. Has Never Understood it.”

Actor Liev Schreiber, who is part Jewish, shared a post from the organization Stand With Us, showing an image of the Israeli flag. “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!” he wrote, adding his own message, “We stand with the people of Israel and the IDF in their fight against Hamas and other terrorist groups. We hope this war ends as soon as possible, for the sake of peace.”

Other celebrities voicing their support for Israel include actress Isla Fisher, who shared an image of hostages Doron Asher and her daughters who were reportedly abducted by Hamas in southern Israel. “There is no excuse for the deliberate killing and kidnapping of innocent civilians anytime anywhere ever,” Fisher wrote on Instagram. Musician David Foster’s daughter, Erin Foster, also spoke out on Instagram, saying, “If you think you are on the right side by defending what happened yesterday, you are either deeply uninformed, or you do not believe in human rights…Supporting Hamas is not supporting innocent civilians, of which there are many. It is supporting a Jihadist terrorist group that celebrates murder in the streets.”

As the death toll continues to rise in the region, Hollywood celebrities are not only showing their support for Israel but also calling for an end to the violence. Actress Nina Dobrev shared a “Pray for Israel” post on Instagram, while actor Max Greenfield tweeted, “As a Jew, I am with you. As a human being, I am with you.”

The conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began on Saturday, has already claimed the lives of over 1,100 people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed a “massive military response” to the attacks by Hamas, and tensions are continuing to escalate. As Hollywood celebrities use their platforms to speak out about the ongoing violence, it remains to be seen what impact their support will have on the situation in the Middle East.


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