An Incoherent Biden Just Let The Truth Slip Out – WATCH

Funny how the truth comes out when the medication wears off.

As a matter of fact, after this event, one has to wonder about his schedule. Joe was a mess. He wore a hard hat backward, and people were ignoring him.

CNN’s Van Jones gave Biden advice a few days before this event, and Joe should have taken it. Jones told him to hide and let everyone do the heavy lifting for him, and he was not wrong.

Just watch what took place below…

Another great gaffe is when the President makes a mistake, they use brackets. Well, the dummy did it again a few days after making the same mistake in North Carolina. Joe bragged about creating 169 jobs in Wisconsin…He was supposed to say 169 thousand, according to the transcript.

During his speech, Biden was talking about Medicaid, not sure why; it’s doesn’t even rank on polling about what Americans are concerned about.

He stated that his policies on Mediciad are saving taxpayers “billions of dollars less per month.”

Then he made a heck of an admission.

“We get thou- — look, we — you know, we now have — we used to — before the recession, before the — the pandemic, we had about 700 billionaires in America. There are 1,000 billionaires now. You know what their average tax rate is? Eight percent,” he said.

Wait, so the economy under Trump was better, and we’ve been in a recession?

I was told Trump broke everything and the economy is great.

It should be a commercial.


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