Sports Illustrated Fail: Controversial Cover Model Outrages Viewers

Kim Petras, a 30-year-old transgender model and singer, has made history by becoming the second trans-identified model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. Alongside Petras, the 2023 swimsuit issue features an impressive lineup of celebrity stars including Megan Fox, Martha Stewart, and Brooks Nader.

The singer and model thoroughly enjoyed their photoshoot for the magazine. Speaking to People about the experience, they expressed how the entire team at Sports Illustrated made them feel incredibly comfortable and welcomed. It was an experience that provided a tremendous confidence boost, leaving them feeling more self-assured than ever.

Furthermore, Petras has unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Feed the Beast’, slated for release on June 23. She revealed that she poured her heart and soul into this project over the course of three years, crafting songs that hold immense personal significance. This album promises to showcase a side of her artistry that audiences have yet to experience.

Earlier this year, Petras stirred up controversy with a provocative and satanic-themed performance alongside Sam Smith at the Grammys. Despite winning the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award for their chart-topping single “Unholy”, their performance faced significant backlash.


In response to the criticism, Petras expressed her childhood aspiration to be a part of religion, only to gradually realize that it did not accept her. She elaborated that her performance symbolized the struggle of not having the freedom to choose a religion and not being able to live authentically according to societal expectations. As a transgender individual, she acknowledged that she already felt excluded from religion.


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