Colbert Hosts CNN’s Phillip For Interview

Joe Biden is strugglomg to regain ground after the debate debacle. His interview on a major network didn’t go quite as planned. Then he was mocked over his call in to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

What’s raising eyebrows is Biden’s reluctance to acknowledge the precarious position he’s in. It appears he’s only listening to those who advocate for his continuation in the race, or to the polls that favor him. This level of disconnect from reality has led a House Democrat to suggest Biden seems noticeably “insulated” from the truth. Furthermore, established pollster Nate Silver has indicated that preparations should already be underway for a transition to Kamala Harris in the upcoming month.

Biden’s denialism is hardly a fresh revelation; it’s been a part of his character for a considerable time. It’s reflected in the decisions he’s made in office. For example, consider his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, or his response to the tragic deaths of 13 service members. He seems to operate in a distinct reality, one where acknowledging mistakes or missteps is difficult.

In lieu of heeding advice from those suggesting he bow out, Biden seems to be relying heavily on a “very tight inner circle”, as one prominent journalist put it. Reportedly, this circle includes Anthony Bernal, often associated with Jill Biden’s professional endeavors.

Reports suggest that this inner circle has reassured Biden of his potential to win, advocating for his perseverance. Jill Biden, his wife, is reportedly resisting those suggesting he withdraw from the race.

The whole situation has brought chaos to the Democrat party and it’s been a hoot to watch.

Matter of fact, now CNN is coming under fire for hosting the debate which blew the doors off just how bad Biden is.

Late night host, DNC mouth piece Stephen Colbert attack CNN’s Abby Phillip over the network’s decision to have a debate and allow Trump to speak.

“You know he’s going to lie on the other guy is the President of the United States who should not be dignifying this criminal who tried to overthrow democracy and does not believe in the process,” Colbert said.

Phillip’s defended herself, noting that it was Biden’s job to come prepared, not CNN’s.