Sure Looks Like Trump’s Son In Law Is Working With Biden

In late November there was a private meeting in New York that hosted Qatar’s prime minister and a “bipartisan group” of mainly Jewish leaders and billionaires.

Since Qatar is basically harboring the leaders of Hamas they have been a key player in negotiating the release of hostages taken by the terror group.

What’s interesting is who organized the meeting.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka.

From Axios:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump organized a private meeting in New York last Wednesday with Qatar’s prime minister and a bipartisan group mostly of Jewish businessmen and billionaires, three sources with direct knowledge of the meeting tell Axios.

Kushner and the Qatari prime minister became close during the Trump administration, when they led negotiations on ending a rift between Qatar and other Arab nations in the Persian Gulf. The agreement to end the crisis was signed two weeks before Donald Trump left the presidency.

Let’s not forget folks, you can’t host a meeting like this unless DC gives its blessing.

The fact that Kushner organized the meeting hints that the White House is very quietly using Jared’s influence in the Middle East to get a deal done.

The Qatari prime minister was in New York to speak before the UN Security Council over the war in Gaza.

The Kushner organized meeting had some of the wealthiest people in the nation in attendance.

According to Axio some of the participants were:

  • Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital Management hedge fund
  • Mark Rowan, founder of Apollo Global Management
  • Robert Kraft, owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots
  • Marc Lasry, CEO of Avenue Capital Group and former co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks
  • Daniel Och, founder of Och-Ziff Capital Management hedge fund
  • Barry Sternlicht, chairperson of Starwood Capital Group
  • Dan Senor, author and former adviser to Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign
  • Josh Kopelman, founder of First Round Capital
  • Gary Ginsberg, lawyer, political operative, Netanyahu confidant of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former VP at Softbank
  • Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp
  • Josh Kushner, Jared Kushner’s brother, founder of Thrive Capital
  • Edmond Safra, a businessman and owner of Coco’s
  • Lex Fridman, AI researcher from MIT who also has a podcast



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