The Army Is Rushing To Repaint Their Vehicles A Certain Color & That Should Concern Us All

At Fort Hood in Texas, an order came down from the top to “rush” the painting of 49 different military vehicles.

The Army was trying to quickly repaint their vehicles from desert camouflage to a woodland green.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that the Army contracted Gary Pasley and his business partner David Stidham along with 19 soldiers, had just 19 days to repaint 49 pieces of equipment “ranging from Humvees to medium tactical vehicles” earlier in June.

The San Antonio Express-News reports:

The GIs washed the vehicles and equipment so Pasley and Stidham could paint them a dull green, covering the familiar desert tan. That prompted Pasley, 44, an Iraq War veteran, to speculate that the Army’s priorities were shifting away from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

“I’m pretty sure that we’re downsizing from that region of the world and kind of focused on our efforts elsewhere, so I would say the vehicle (color) might be terrain appropriate,” Pasley said.

Just where the new focus might be, neither he nor the Army could say.

After 20 years of fighting wars in vehicles painted to match the desert, Fort Hood now has a relative handful of vehicles made over with a basic olive drab — the Army calls it “woodland green” — that can serve as the primer for a common camouflage pattern standardized for each vehicle type.

As yet, no camo has been applied.

The vehicles are those of Fort Hood’s 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, which issued a brief statement saying the action “signals a switch in readiness from fighting in arid places like the Middle East to fighting in more verdant regions.”

Verdant as in green, with grass or other rich vegetation. Though the Army didn’t elaborate, that could be islands in the Pacific or forests in Europe. The Marines have recently conducted field training in Norway.

The 13th ESC’s commander said in an interview that the order was part of building “field craft” among soldiers, whether they’re training to fight in Europe, as the 1st Cavalry Division is now pegged to, or with the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, where the 4th Infantry Division, formerly at Fort Hood but now at Fort Carson, Colo., would be deployed under current war plans.

However, the news broke around the same time that UK General Sir Patrick Sanders warned British troops that they must be prepared to fight in Europe.

“We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again,” he said.

Experts have warned that if the crisis in Ukraine doesn’t end, there will be a global food shortage which could spark all types of conflict.

Just what kind of mess is Joe Biden about to get us involved in?

Don’t forget NATO just sent another 700 troops to Kosovo.



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