The Army Just Admitting They Have A BIG BIG Problem

The U.S Army is facing a daunting task. With a smaller force than during the peak of the War on Terror and over 120,000 troops deployed abroad, the Army is struggling to keep up with its operations tempo. The strain is being felt not only by the soldiers but their families, who are dealing with a large amount of stress due to the constant deployments.

The Army is also facing a recruiting crisis, with the branch falling 15,000 members short of its recruiting target. This could be due to the high operations tempo, which is causing soldiers to consider leaving the Army altogether. As one current soldier stated, “It has been a huge struggle, especially as [we’re] trying to start a family. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with my marriage, but there is a huge chance I’m leaving the Army.”

“We’re as high or higher with the [operations tempo],” Sgt. Major of the Army Michael Grinston said.

“The average citizen doesn’t know how stressful this is on our families. I think it has been an incredible strain on our soldiers and our families,” Grinston said. “We have a 100% obligation to be ready for the worst-case scenario, so we have to go to the CTC [combat training center]. The American people would never forgive us if we sent soldiers to Europe that weren’t as trained as the best we could get.”

The soldiers are in need of a breather, with one Army lieutenant serving in Poland saying: “Just one less thing, just a little more breathing room would be extremely helpful.” This is an understandable sentiment, considering the amount of stress the soldiers and their families have to endure.

The U.S Army is facing a difficult time, as they try to handle the strain of a high operations tempo while also dealing with a recruiting crisis. This is what happens when you go woke in the military and impose a vaccine mandate on an all-volunteer army. Biden has ticked off the military and cultures that traditionally are our warfighters so they aren’t volunteering.

Fox News


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