The Press Corners Biden & Watch What He Does After They Ask A Question He Doesn’t Want To Answer

OPEC has cut production, and that means gas prices are about to skyrocket again.

In just the last 48 hours, gas prices in my area rose 10 cents, and nationwide diesel prices are going through the roof.



As the President was preparing to leave the White House, the press cornered him and asked him about rising energy costs. As reporters pressed, Biden slowly backed away and refused to answer their questions.

Below is a partial transcript:

Reporter: What’s your reaction to the OPEC+ decision, Mr. President?

President Biden: Disappointment. And we’re looking at what alternatives we may have.

(Addressing other reporters.) Don’t hurt him, man. Don’t — you’re knocking him through the wire.

Reporter: Is Venezuela one of those alternatives?

President Biden: There’s a lot of alternatives. We haven’t made up our mind yet.

Reporter: Will you meet President Putin at the G20 Summit, sir? Will you meet President Putin at the G20 Summit or APEC Summit to talk about Ukraine and (inaudible)?

President Biden: That remains to be seen.

Reporter: What would Venezuela have to do in order for the U.S. to ease sanctions?

President Biden: A lot.

Reporter: What does the OPEC move say about your relationship with the Saudis? Are there any regrets about that trip now?

President Biden: No. The — the trip was not essentially for oil. The trip was about the Middle East and about Israel and rationalization of positions.

But it is a disappointment, and it says that there are problems.



However, Biden may not be honest, it appears the administration may have made up its mind.

According to a report from Fox News, Biden is blocking all offshore drilling despite of OPEC decision.

Instead, he’s opted to support a brutal dictator of Venezuela. The Biden administration is preparing to lift sanctions on Venezuela to allow Chevron to pump oil again.


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