The Worst Possible News Is Starting To Trickle Out Of Maui

We now have two major news outlets, one from CBS and the other from Reuters reporting on some heartbreaking information.

So far more than 100 people have perished in the Lahaina blaze and hundreds are missing. Hawaii Governor Josh Green admitted that it’s “possible” many of the victims are children who were home from school due to the blaze.

The day the inferno ripped through the historic city, students were supposed to report for their first day of school; however, due to a power outage caused by high winds, classes were canceled.

From CBS News:

Teenager Keyiro Fuentes was enjoying his last day of summer vacation hanging out at his Lahaina home when the fire swept through. His adoptive mother, Luz Vargas, was working five miles away.

It also could be why officials are staying tight-lipped.


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